Henry J. Friendly Medal

Established in memory of Judge Friendly and endowed by his former law clerks, the Friendly Medal is not awarded on an annual basis but reserved for recipients who are considered especially worthy of receiving it. The Medal recognizes contributions to the law in the tradition of Judge Friendly and the Institute and is not limited to ALI members or those associated with its projects.

Henry J. Friendly was one of the greatest judges of his time. To learn more about Judge Friendly, read the remarks delivered by Judge Pierre N. Leval, a former clerk of Judge Friendly, on the presentation of the Friendly Medal to Justice Sandra Day O'Connor in 2011.

Award Recipients
Suggesting Candidates for this Award

Members who wish to propose a candidate are asked to submit to the Awards Committee's attention a letter containing a brief biography and describing the candidate's law-related activities and qualifications for the award in question. Letters should be mailed to The American Law Institute, Attn: Awards Committee, 4025 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19104, or emailed to awardnominations@ali.org.