John Minor Wisdom Award

The Wisdom Award is given from time to time in specific recognition of a member’s contributions to the work of the Institute. ALI Reporters, officers, and Council members are not eligible for the Award, the primary purpose of which is to recognize members who do not have an official role in Institute projects.

Award Recipients
  • Neil B. Cohen — 2014 Video of award presentation
  • Guy Miller Struve — 2011 
  • Jack B. Weinstein — 2006
  • Michael Marks Cohen — 2004
  • Donald J. Rapson — 1999
  • M. Bernard Aidinoff — 1995
  • W. Loeber Landau — 1993
Suggesting Candidates for this Award

Members who wish to propose a candidate are asked to submit to the Awards Committee's attention a letter containing a brief biography and describing the candidate's law-related activities and qualifications for the award in question. Letters should be mailed to The American Law Institute, Attn: Awards Committee, 4025 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19104, or emailed to