Young Scholars Medal

Every other year, ALI awards the Young Scholars Medal to one or two outstanding early-career law professors whose work is relevant to the real world and has the potential to influence improvements in the law. The purpose of the award is to encourage practical scholarly work and to publicize the work of the honorees by sponsoring conferences on issues related to their work. Honorees are also asked to speak at an ALI Annual Meeting.

2015 Recipients

Elizabeth Chamblee Burch, University of Georgia School of Law
Professor Burch's research focuses on class actions and large-scale, non-class aggregation, often drawing from fields beyond law including social psychology, behavioral law, and economics.

Michael Simkovic, Seton Hall University School of Law
Professor Simkovic was recognized for scholarship that centers on bankruptcy, corporate finance, secured transactions, and taxation.

2013 Recipients

Adam J. Levitin, Georgetown Law Center
Professor Levitin was recognized for his work on financial regulation and the recent crisis in mortgage foreclosures.
Video: Senator Elizabeth Warren offers keynote at Professor Levitin’s conference

Amy B. Monahan, University of Minnesota Law School
Professor Monahan was recognized for scholarship that centers on the intersection of health care reform and public-sector pensions.
Video: Professor Monahan addresses the Annual Meeting on "The Law and Politics of Public Pensions."

2011 Recipients

Oren Bar-Gill, New York University School of Law
Professor Bar-Gill's medal recognizes his insights into consumer psychology, which are the basis for his proposal of specific legal solutions to match specific problems in the markets for cell phones, subprime mortgages, and credit cards.

Jeanne C. Fromer, New York University School of Law
Professor Fromer was honored for her work exploring the claiming systems of patent and copyright law, as well as forum shopping in patent litigation.


ALI seeks candidates who have received their law degrees within the past 15 years and who have been full-time academics for three to 10 years. All legal fields and all methodologies are eligible.


Nominations for 2016 are now closed. Winner(s) will be announced in the spring of 2017. We will be seeking the next round of nominations in the fall of 2017. We request no more than one nominee per school. The law school dean (or his or her designee) should submit a nominating letter explaining why the nominee's work is especially promising. The nominee's complete CV should also be included and one to three of the nominee's writings (even if not yet published) that demonstrate scholarship with the potential to influence law reform.

For more information, please contact the ALI Executive Office at 215-243-1673 or