Project Reporters Ned Foley and Steven Huefner along with Adviser Kevin Hamilton talk about the importance of the project in this video.

Reporter Omri Ben-Shahar discusses the scope of the project and the asymmetry in information, sophistication, and stakes between the parties to these contracts that the Restatement must consider.

In this video, project Reporters discuss portions of the Annual Meeting draft.

The four project Reporters discuss their approach to the topic of Investor-State Arbitration and the Restatement’s audience.

In this video, several of the project's Reporters discuss the upcoming Annual Meeting draft.

Project Reporters Barry Friedman and Rachel Harmon discuss the Annual Meeting draft and 'Use of Force' in the following video.     

Project Reporters Kevin R. Reitz and Cecelia M. Klingele discuss the Sentencing project and several sections in the Annual Meeting draft.     

The following four projects will be reviewed by the membership during this year's Meeting, potentially for the final time:

  • Election Administration
  • U.S. Foreign Relations Law (Jurisdiction, Treaties, and Sovereign Immunity)
  • Liability Insurance
  • Model Penal Code: Sentencing

Watch the video of project Reporters discussing the ALI process, their experience, and the role that these projects will play in U.S. and international law.  

Project Features

We sat down with several of our project Reporters to discuss their projects and what will be presented at the 94th Annual Meeting.  

Our video interviews will be posted here as they become available.