Daily Update - Monday, May 20

What Happened Today at the Annual Meeting – Monday Edition

The Annual Meeting opened with the call to order by President David F. Levi. It continued with the presentation of reports and business, and included the nomination of new Council members, each approved by the membership.

The first project session on the agenda was Policing. Council member Raymond J. Lohier, Jr., joined Reporter Barry Friedman and Associate Reporter Brandon L. Garrett on the dais. Presented during this session was Tentative Draft No. 2, which contains portions of four Chapters addressing General Principles, Police Encounters, Eyewitness Identifications, and Police Questioning.

Actions Taken*

Membership voted to approve Tentative Draft No. 2.

When members returned from lunch, the Meeting continued with Charitable Nonprofit Organizations. ALI Chair of the Council Roberta Cooper Ramo joined project Reporter Jill R. Horwitz, Associate Reporter Nancy A. McLaughlin, and Consultant Marion R. Fremont-Smith to present Tentative Draft No. 3.

Actions Taken*

Members voted to approve Tentative Draft No. 3, which includes Chapter 4, Restrictions on Assets; Pledges; Solicitation, in its entirety, as well as the remaining Sections of Chapter 2, Governance and Management of Assets, and Chapter 5, Government Regulation of Charities. This vote marks the completion of this project.

Next on the agenda, John G. Roberts, Jr., Chief Justice of the United States, presented the Henry J. Friendly Medal to Anthony M. Kennedy, Retired Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Chief Justice Roberts lauded Justice Kennedy’s long career dedicated to public service when presenting the award.  In his acceptance of the award, Justice Kennedy spoke about the importance of the rule of law, and The American Law Institute’s important role in American law.

The third and final project on Monday’s agenda was International Commercial and Investor–State Arbitration. Reporter George A. Bermann and Associate Reporters Jack J. Coe, Jr., Christopher R. Drahozal, and Catherine A. Rogers were joined on the dais by Council member John H. Beisner. Membership was presented a complete Proposed Final Draft.

Actions Taken*

Membership voted to approve the Proposed Final Draft. This marks the completion of the project.


*All approvals by membership at the Annual Meeting are subject to the discussion at the Meeting and usual editorial prerogative.