Annual Meeting Drafts

The drafts on the Annual Meeting agenda will still be produced and posted online. Although each will be a Tentative Draft or Proposed Final Draft, no motions may be made and no voting will occur. The drafts may be revised or supplemented before submission at the next Annual Meeting.

Emails will be sent to members and project participants when drafts become available; however, due to office closures, no drafts will be mailed.

The projects originally slated to appear on the agenda are listed below.  Each will be linked to its project page as the draft becomes available.

American Indian Law
Conflict of Laws
Data Economy
Intentional Torts
Sexual Assault

Providing Comments on Drafts

We encourage all members and project participants to submit written comments and suggestions on the drafts by May 31 (June 30 for Data Economy). To comment on any draft, visit the Projects page and be sure that you are signed in. Click on the project name, then on the Comments tab, and follow the prompts to submit your comments. You may either type your comments directly into the text box or upload a PDF or Word document.

You may also submit your comments via email. The email address for each project is listed on the Comments tab.

Please note that comments submitted online or by email do not appear immediately; they will be visible after they are posted by our staff. For questions, please email