Elected Member

Professor Andrew P. Morriss

College Station, TX
Texas A&M University School of Innovation
Princeton University
University of Texas School of Law

Andrew Morriss is the Dean of Texas A&M University School of Innovation and Vice President for Entrepreneurship & Economic Development, Texas A&M University.

Prior to holding these positions, he was the Dean of the Texas A&M School of Law, the D. Paul Jones & Charlene A. Jones Chairholder in Law at the University of Alabama, the Ross & Helen Workman Professor of Law at the University of Illinois, and the Galen J. Roush Chair in Law at Case Western Reserve University. He has taught in Greece, Guatemala, and Hong Kong, and lectured in Cambodia, the Cayman Islands, China, Myanmar, and Nepal.

Dean Morriss began his legal career as a law clerk to U.S. District Judge Barefoot Sanders in the Northern District of Texas. He then worked for two years as an attorney for Texas Rural Legal Aid in Hereford and Plainview, Texas, before clerking for U.S. Magistrates William Sanderson Jr. and John Tolle in the Northern District.

EDUCATION: Princeton University, A.B.; University of Texas at Austin, J.D. and M.A.; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ph.D.  

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Areas of Expertise
Administrative Law
Corporate Governance (Commercial Law)
Corporate Law (Commercial Law)
Employment Law
Employment Discrimination (Employment Law)
Energy Law
Environmental Law
International Transactions (International Law)
Law & Economics (Banking Law)
Land Use (Real Property)
Mining (Energy Law)
Natural Resources (Environmental Law)
Property Law (Real Property)
Regulatory Law (Administrative Law)