James Beck on 3D Printing Legal Issues

James Beck on 3D Printing Legal Issues

James M. Beck of Reed Smith is part of the firm’s team of lawyers focused on the legal issues raised by 3D printing. The team has published a 55-page report examining the legal implications raised by the new technology.

Mr. Beck, an ALI member since 2005, developed an interest in the legal implications of 3D manufacturing through the innovation he observed in the life sciences industry. 3D techniques are currently being used in the medical field.

A small number of traditional manufacturers have asked Reed Smith how they might protect themselves from lawsuits involving products manufactured using 3D printing.

In a piece published in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Mr. Beck observes that “[t]his idea of the end user becoming the manufacturer pretty much turns everything on its head.” He points out that the 3D practice area is too new and that there is nothing yet in the way of big-ticket litigation. However, the consensus at Reed Smith is that will change soon.

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