O'Connor Institute 'Constitution Series' Presents Heroes of Abolition and Suffrage Descendants

On Tuesday, Nov. 17, The Sandra Day O'Connor Institute For American Democracy will present the next installment of its free, online public forum, the Constitution Series: Equality And Justice For All. 

With a focus on abolition and suffrage, the program will feature two guest speakers. Kenneth B. Morris Jr., President of the Frederick Douglass Family Foundation, and suffragette descendant Coline Jenkins, the founder and President of the Elizabeth Cady Stanton Trust. ALI Council Emeritus member Myles V. Lynk will moderate the event.  

Founded by Justice O'Connor following her retirement from the Supreme Court of the United States, the Sandra Day O'Connor Institute For American Democracy continues her distinguished legacy and lifetime work to advance American democracy through civics education, civil discourse and civic engagement for all generations. 

Learn more and register for the event here

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