Daily Update - Tuesday, May 22

What Happened Today at the Annual Meeting - Tuesday Edition

Today’s Meeting began with the ALI Early Career Scholars Presentation by Colleen V. Chien of Santa Clara University School of Law. Special Committee Chair Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar introduced Professor Chien who spoke about her scholarship on domestic and international patent law and policy issues, as well as her work on clemency.

The first project session of the day was Liability Insurance. Council member Gary L. Sasso joined Reporter Tom Baker and Associate Reporter Kyle D. Logue on the dais, where they presented Proposed Final Draft No. 2. This draft contains all four Chapters of the project.  

Actions Taken*
Membership voted to approve Proposed Final Draft No. 2.

Members took a break from the project sessions to hear Council member Elizabeth J. Cabraser speak during the luncheon honoring the New Life 25-Year and 50-Year Members. The 1993 Class Gift was presented by Class Committee Chair Larry S. Stewart.

The Meeting continued with Law of American Indians. Reporter Matthew L.M. Fletcher and Associate Reporters Wenona T. Singel and Kaighn Smith Jr. were joined on the dais by Council member Mary M. Schroeder, where Tentative Draft No. 2 was presented to membership for approval. The draft includes Chapter 2, Tribal Authority, with the exception of § 33.

Actions Taken*
Membership voted to approve the draft.

Student Sexual Misconduct was the third and final project session held on Tuesday. Reporter Vicki C. Jackson and Associate Reporter Suzanne Goldberg, who were joined on the dais by Council member Mary Kay Kane, presented a Discussion Draft to membership. This draft contains Chapters 1-3. There was no vote taken during this session, as the draft was presented for discussion only.

*All approvals by membership at the Annual Meeting are subject to the discussion at the Meeting and usual editorial prerogative.