Project Features

We sat down with several of our project Reporters to discuss their projects and some of the topics in the Annual Meeting drafts.  

Plain Meaning and Ambiguity

Liability Insurance Reporter Tom Baker discusses Section 3, The Plain Meaning Rule.

When Is a Confinement an Intentional Tort?

In this video, the project Reporters discuss what makes a confinement an intentional tort, including confinement by assertion of legal authority.

Judicial Involvement in International Arbitration

International Commercial and Investment Arbitration project Reporter George A. Bermann and Associate Reporter Christopher R. Drahozal discuss the role courts may play throughout the lifecycle of arbitral proceedings.

Children in the Justice System

Reporters Elizabeth Scott, Emily Buss, and David Meyer highlight the ways in which children are different from adults, particularly their heightened vulnerability when in police custody.

Government Ethics: Post-Government Employment Restrictions

In this video, Reporter Richard Briffault addresses the principles that ought to apply when a public servant leaves public employment for a private-sector position.

Government Ethics:  Gifts From And Financial Relationships With Prohibited Sources

In this video, Associate Reporter Richard W. Painter provides insight on the treatment of gifts to and financial transactions and relationships with public servants.

American Indian Law: Tribal Sovereignty

Reporters Matthew Fletcher and Wenona Singel discuss tribal sovereignty.


American Indian Law: Tribal Entities and Sovereign Immunity

Reporter Kaighn Smith Jr. explains the complex topic of tribal entities and sovereign immunity.

Liability Insurance: Long Tail Claims

In this video, project Reporter Kyle Logue discusses long tail claims. 


Economic Harm Torts: Economic Loss Doctrine

In this video, Reporter Ward Farnsworth talks about the development of the Economic Loss Doctrine.


Economic Harm Torts: Interference with Economic Relationships

When is it a tort to interfere with somebody else's contract?