Learn more about the Annual Meeting and the projects on this year's agenda in the features below.  

The U.S. Law of International Commercial and Investor-State Arbitration

A look inside: project Reporter George A. Bermann, and Associate Reporters Jack Coe Jr. and Catherine A. Rogers discuss what to expect from this year’s Proposed Final Draft.


The U.S. Law of International Commercial and Investor-State Arbitration

In this video, project Reporter George A. Bermann and Associate Reporter Christopher R. Drahozal discuss the role courts may play throughout the lifecycle of arbitral proceedings.


Creating a Strong Corporate Compliance Program

In this episode of Reasonably Speaking, Ivan K. Fong of 3M and Lori A. Martin of WilmerHale explore the challenges of creating a strong compliance program and the importance of establishing a corporate culture that supports it.

Attending the 96th Annual Meeting

In this video, Sarah S. Vance of the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana; Cynthia E. Nance of University of Arkansas School of Law, Leflar Law Center; and Teresa Wilton Harmon of Sidley Austin talk about the unique experience and importance of attending the Annual Meeting.

Data Privacy

In this video, project Reporters Paul M. Schwartz and Daniel J. Solove discuss the developing concerns and changes in the use of personal data.

Coming to Terms with Consumer Contracts

In this episode of Reasonably Speaking, project Reporters Omri Ben-Shahar and Florencia Marotta-Wurgler discuss several types of consumer contracts, enforceability of terms, and the consequences of agreeing to these terms without reading the fine print.

Race and Policing

Policing Project Reporter Barry Friedman, and project Advisers Sherrilyn Ifill of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and John Malcolm of the Heritage Foundation discuss the challenges facing police departments in this two-part podcast episode on race and policing.

American Indian Law: When Two Sovereigns Collide

Learn more about the history of The Indian Child Welfare Act, and Indian Country Criminal Jurisdiction, as well as other American Indian Law topics in this episode of Reasonably Speaking, featuring project Reporters Matthew L.M. Fletcher and Wenona T. Singel.

Consent and Sexual Assault in Criminal v. Tort Law

In this episode, NYU Law’s Erin Murphy and UC Irvine Law’s Ken Simons explore the difference between criminal law and tort law in the United States and then focus on how “consent” is, and should be, defined in sexual assault allegations.

Protecting Children in Criminal Procedures

Learn more about the vulnerability of children in criminal proceedings, on this episode of Reasonably Speaking, featuring project Reporter Elizabeth Scott and Project Liaison Marsha Levick, Co-Founder of the Juvenile Law Center.

Charitable Nonprofit Organizations:
Restrictions on Charitable Assets

Learn more about Restrictions of Charitable Assets—including the creation, enforcement, modification, and release of restrictions—from Reporter Jill R. Horwitz and Associate Reporter Nancy A. McLaughlin.

Charitable Nonprofit Organizations

Reporter Jill R. Horwitz and Consultant Marion R. Fremont-Smith provide a glimpse into how this Restatement will bring greater understanding to the complex area of law of Charitable Nonprofits.

ALI's Annual Meeting

Learn more about the Annual Meeting and why it is critical that members show up in force in this video featuring ALI Council Member Gary L. Sasso of Carlton Fields.