Project Reporter Stephen Schulhofer and Associate Reporter Erin Murphy discuss the project and the complexity of defining consent. 

Associate Reporter Cecelia M. Klingele discusses the project’s timeliness and Reporter Kevin R. Reitz examines the role of criminal history in sentencing.

Project Reporter Jill Horwitz explains the scope of the project and discusses why it is the perfect subject for a Restatement.

Coordinating Reporter Paul B. Stephan and Sovereign Immunity Reporters David P. Stewart and Ingrid Wuerth discuss the project and the application of Foreign Relation Laws.

Project Reporter Edward B. Foley explains how the Annual Meeting draft will tackle the “engineering problem” of the five-week time frame in which a presidential election dispute must be resolved.

Reporter Tom Baker and Associate Reporter Kyle D. Logue discuss the Restatement of the Law, Liability Insurance, project and the interest it has generated.

Project Features

We had the opportunity to sit down with several of our project Reporters to discuss their projects and what will be presented at the 93rd Annual Meeting.  

Our video interviews will be posted here as they become available.