Life Member Class Gift

Each year, ALI members who have contributed 25 years of service to the Institute are granted Life Member status. Life Members are no longer required to pay dues or adhere to the Institute’s participation requirement, but they continue to enjoy all the rights and privileges of elected membership.

New Life Members are given the opportunity to commemorate this quarter-century milestone by contributing to their year’s Life Member Class Gift, which is presented to the Institute at a special celebration honoring new Life Members and 50-Year Members.

For more information on the ongoing Life Member Class Gift Campaigns, click below:

The 1995 Life Member Class Gift
The 1996 Life Member Class Gift

Now in its tenth year, the Class Gift program has raised more than $1.3 million to support key aspects of ALI’s mission, including the MCG Travel Assistance program and the Judges & Public-Sector Lawyers Expense Reimbursement program—two vital components of the Institute’s efforts to minimize financial barriers to member participation.

The Class Gift initiative also provides funding for the Early Career Scholars Medal and annual conference program, which raises awareness of the Institute’s work while engaging up-and-coming legal academics. Additionally, as ALI continues to expand the breadth of its law-reform endeavors, the Class Gift program helps cover some of the costs associated with maintaining the high level of quality that distinguishes the Institute’s work.

Due to the cancellation of the 2020 Annual Meeting, the 1995 Class Gift will be presented together with the 1996 Class Gift at the 2021 Annual Meeting, and the campaign for both class years will continue throughout the 2020– 2021 fiscal year.