Restatement of the Law Third,

Conflict of Laws

This project will reexamine the increasingly important subject of conflict of laws in light of significant legal developments in the field since the influential Restatement Second was published in 1971.
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    Tentative Draft No. 1


    Tentative Draft No. 1 contains §§ 1.01-1.04 of Chapter 1, Introduction; §§ 2.01-2.09 of Chapter 2, Domicile; and §§ 5.06 -5.08 of Chapter 5, Topic 2, Foreign Law. This draft was prepared for consideration at the 2020 Annual Meeting, which was cancelled. The draft has not been considered by the membership of ALI and therefore does not represent the position of the Institute on any of the issues with which it deals. The draft may be revised or supplemented prior to consideration by the membership in 2021.