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Restatement of the Law Third,

The Foreign Relations Law of the United States

This work constitutes a comprehensive revision of the earlier (1965) Restatement, covering many more subjects and reflecting important developments in the intervening decades.

It consists of international law as it applies to the United States, and domestic law that has substantial impact on the foreign relations of the United States or has other important international consequences. This Restatement, completed in 1987, reflects the opinion of the Institute as to the rules that an impartial tribunal would apply if charged with deciding a controversy in accordance with international law.

ALI recently began work on Restatement Fourth of The Foreign Relations Law of the United States.

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    Official Text Volumes 1 & 2
    641/561 pages, 1987, #5898

    The Restatement consists of two volumes divided into nine main parts: I. International Law and Its Relation to United States Law; II. Persons in International Law; III. International Agreements; IV. Jurisdiction and Judgments; V. The Law of the Sea; VI. The Law of the Environment; VII. Protection of Persons (Natural and Juridical); VIII. Selected Law of International Economic Relations; IX. Remedies for Violations of International Law.

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