Restatement of the Law,

The Law of American Indians

This Restatement cements the foundational principles of American Indian law. Topics include federal-tribal relations, tribal authority, state-tribal relations, tribal economic development, Indian Country criminal jurisdiction, and natural resources.

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    Official Text
    664 pages, 2022, #1RLAIOT

    This work is ALI’s first project restating the law of American Indians, an area of both great intellectual and practical importance. Some of the most important early decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States, including ones authored by Chief Justice John Marshall, deal with the law of American Indians. And tribes, along with the federal government and the states, are one of the three categories of sovereigns in the United States.

    This Restatement consists of six Chapters: Chapter 1 on Federal–Tribal Relations, Chapter 2 on Tribal Authority, Chapter 3 on State–Tribal Relations, Chapter 4 on Tribal Economic Development, Chapter 5 on Indian Country Criminal Jurisdiction, and Chapter 6 on Natural Resources.

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