Legal and Economic Principles of World Trade Law

This work is a series of Reporter’s Studies on a wide range of World Trade Law and the decisions by the World Trade Organization. Published by Cambridge University Press, each Study represents the joint product of a lawyer and an economist. And each examines and critiques a particular WTO decision from both legal and economic perspectives. The Studies represent the work of the individual Reporters rather than that of the Institute.

Three distinguished professors involved in the ALI project have prepared a volume on the history of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. The Genesis of the GATT supplies important background information for understanding where trade policy and trade law are today.

These publications are available from Cambridge University Press.

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    Legal and Economic Principles of World Trade Law RA 2012 PDF
    379 pages, 2012, #1PWTLRAE

    Legal and Economic Principles of World Trade Law: Genesis of the GATT, The Economics of Trade Agreements, Border Instruments, and National Treatments - Report to ALI Membership 2012 - PDF

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