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Professor Thomas H. Jackson

Scottsdale, AZ
University of Rochester (Retired)
Williams College, B.A., summa cum laude
Yale Law School, J.D.

Thomas H. Jackson is Distinguished University Professor in Political Science and Business Administration Emeritus and President Emeritus of the University of Rochester. During President Jackson's administration, the University underwent a number of significant developments, including the integration of separate schools into the College of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering; decentralization of the University's principal divisions; implementation of the nationally noted Renaissance Plan, providing a significant improvement in the quality of the College's student population; revitalization of the Medical Center as a nationally recognized center for patient care and research; and distinctive curricular innovations throughout the University.

A 1972 graduate of Williams College, Jackson earned his law degree from Yale in 1975. He first clerked for U.S. District Court Judge Marvin E. Frankel in New York in 1975-76, and then for Supreme Court Justice William H. Rehnquist in 1976-77.  Jackson was a law professor at Stanford Law School (1977-1986) and Harvard Law School (1986-1988), before becoming Dean at the University of Virginia School of Law (1988-1991) and, subsequently, Provost at the University of Virginia (1991-1994).  Jackson then became President at the University of Rochester (1994-2005).

Jackson is the author of bankruptcy and commercial law texts used in law schools across the country, and served as Special Master for the U.S. Supreme Court in a dispute involving every state in the country over the disposition of unclaimed dividends held by brokerage houses.  He was on the Board of the Law School Admissions Council, the George Eastman Museum (where he served as Board Chair), and The Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation (where he served as Board Chair).

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Areas of Expertise
Contracts (Contracts Law)
Secured Transactions (Commercial Law)
Bankruptcy Law