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Professor Lisa M. Fairfax

Philadelphia, PA
University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School
Harvard University
Harvard Law School

Lisa M. Fairfax is the Alexander Hamilton Professor of Business Law at the George Washington University Law School. Professor Fairfax is the Director of the GW Corporate Law and Governance Initiative. Professor Fairfax teaches courses in the business area including Corporations, a Securities Law Seminar, and Contracts II. Professor Fairfax's scholarly interests include corporate governance matters, fiduciary obligations, board diversity, shareholder activism, affinity fraud, and securities fraud. In addition to her many law review articles, Professor Fairfax has authored a book entitled, "Shareholder Democracy: A Primer on Shareholder Activism and Participation". Professor Fairfax also has written several book chapters on board independence. 

Professor Fairfax is a member of the Investor Advisory Committee of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Professor Fairfax is also a member of the SEC Historical Society Board of Advisors and the BYU Law School Board of Advisors. Professor Fairfax serves as co-director of the DirectWomen Board Institute, which Institute promotes board diversity by identifying and supporting qualified women attorneys to serve as board candidates. 

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Areas of Expertise
Contracts Law
Securities Law
Corporate Governance (Commercial Law)