Elected Member

Sonia Victoria Jimenez

Washington, DC
U.S. Department of Justice
Brigham Young University
Georgetown University Law Center

Sonia Victoria Jimenez is a Trial Attorney in the Capital Case Section of the U.S Department of Justice’s Criminal Division.  Primarily, she litigates cases in which the Attorney General has authorized seeking the death penalty.  She participates in every aspect of the pre-trial, trial, and appellate litigation processes.  Additionally, she provides advice to other government attorneys handling cases with capital-eligible charges, and ushers cases with capital-eligible charges through the Department’s Death Penalty Protocol process.  In 2016, she was awarded the Criminal Division Assistant Attorney General’s Award for Contribution by a New Employee.

Prior to joining the Department of Justice in 2015, Ms. Jimenez worked as a state prosecutor for 12 years in the Clark County District Attorney’s Office, in her hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada.  While there, she tried felony criminal cases of every variety.  Six of her 12 years with the D.A.’s office were spent in the Gang Crimes Unit, which she eventually headed.  Throughout her tenure at the D.A.’s office, she litigated post-conviction evidentiary hearings and argued before the Nevada Supreme Court.  She also served as the Vice President of the Clark County Prosecutor’s Association, a collective bargaining unit.

Ms. Jimenez was a Dean’s Scholarship recipient at Georgetown University Law Center.  During her years as a law student she volunteered with the Innocence Project, belonged to La Alianza del Derecho (the Hispanic student organization), and externed for the Argentine Supreme Court.

Areas of Expertise
Criminal Law