Elected Member

Professor Lisa C. Ikemoto

Davis, CA
University of California, Davis School of Law
University of California, Los Angeles, B.A. English, History
Columbia Law School, LL.M.
University of California-Davis School of Law, JD

Lisa C. Ikemoto of University of California, Davis School of Law teaches bioethics, health care law, public health law, reproductive rights, law & policy, and marital property. Her research areas include reproductive rights and justice, health care disparities, and science, technology and law. More specifically, she focuses on the ways that race, gender, disability, and wealth mediate access to and impacts of biomedical technology use and health care. Her recent work addresses reprogenetic technology markets, the role of provider religious exemptions in health care inequality, eugenics, and reproductive tourism. Ikemoto has faculty affiliations with the Aoki Center for Race and Nation Studies, the Health System Bioethics Program, the Feminist Research Institute, and the Religious Studies Department.

Professor Lisa C. Ikemoto Image
Areas of Expertise
Healthcare (Health Law)
Reproductive Technology (Family Law)
Biotechnology (Science & Technology)
Property Law (Real Property)