Amy Monahan Inducted as ACEBC Fellow

Amy Monahan Inducted as ACEBC Fellow

Amy B. Monahan of the University of Minnesota Law School has been inducted as a fellow of the American College of Employee Benefits Counsel (ACEBC).

The ACEBC is an organization dedicated to elevating the standards of employee benefits law.  Fellowship is reserved for employee benefits lawyers who have made demonstrably substantive contributions to the field of employee benefits over the Fellow’s entire career. Each nominee is required to have focused on employee benefits law for at least 20 years and have a sustained commitment to public awareness and understanding of benefits laws through such activities as writing, speaking, public policy analysis, public education or public service. Nominees are also required to have provided exceptionally high-quality professional services to clients, the bar, and the public. 

Professor Monahan was named a co-recipient of ALI’s Early Career Scholars Medal in 2013. She was recognized for scholarship that centers on the intersection of health care reform and public-sector pensions.

Watch a video of her speech from ALI’s 91st Annual Meeting below.

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