Barry Friedman Quoted in New York Times

Barry Friedman Quoted in New York Times

NYU School of Law professor and Policing project Reporter Barry Friedman is quoted in the New York Times op-ed “Cops, Cellphones and Privacy at the Supreme Court.” The piece examines how law enforcement obtains location-data, an issue the Supreme Court will face in the Fourth Amendment case, Carpenter v. U.S., concerning the warrantless search and seizure of cellphone data under the third-party doctrine.

The article notes that relying on a doctrine developed in the 1970s fails to consider both technological and societal advances when collecting data.

Professor Friedman raises the following questions that the Court will need to consider: “How much data can you get? How long can you hold it? Can you share it with other agencies? Do people have a right to know that they’re in it? Does it have to be purged after the investigation is over? The Supreme Court doesn’t have a scalpel to write those rules, but that’s what is needed.”

Oral arguments for Carpenter will be heard on November 29.

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