Catherine Struve receives the Harvey Levin Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence

By democratic vote, the Penn Law 2015 graduating class selected ALI Council member Catherine Struve, Professor of Law, to receive the Harvey Levin Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence. Professor Struve joined the Law School in 2005 and teaches and researches in the fields of civil procedure and federal courts. She also serves as an Adviser on the ALI Restatement of the Law, The Law of American Indians project.

“Professor Struve is a wonderful discussion facilitator. Because of the small class size, we were often able to discuss interesting topics that were not part of the core material to be covered — but Professor Struve also made sure not to compromise any of the core material either,” said one of her students.

This is her third time receiving the Harvey Levin Award, having also received the award in 2003 and 2009.

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