David Levi to Step Down as Duke Law School Dean

David Levi to Step Down as Duke Law School Dean

Duke Law School dean David F. Levi has announced that he will be stepping down in June 2018.

From the press release:

“I thank my lucky stars and President Brodhead for giving me the opportunity to be dean of Duke Law,” said Levi. “We have something very special here in the culture of the place. I am proud of what we have accomplished in the past 10 years and what we are poised to accomplish in the years to come. I am also filled with a sense of gratitude to our wonderful faculty, staff, students, and alumni.”

Duke University Provost Sally Kornbluth praised Levi for his leadership of Duke Law.

“David has been a wonderful colleague in every way: innovative, creative, smart, and a pleasure to work with,” Kornbluth said. “He has led the Law School brilliantly and has set the stage for the continued success of a great school.”

Levi, who became dean in 2007, has presided over major expansions of faculty, research, academic programs, and fundraising at Duke Law. He also guided the Law School through a turbulent period in the legal economy and legal education resulting from the global financial crisis and subsequent recession.

Read the full Duke Law School press release.

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