‘Demand the Impossible’

‘Demand the Impossible’

Robert L. Tsai of Boston University School of Law has authored Demand the Impossible, One Lawyer’s Pursuit of Equal Justice For All, a book about the legal career of Stephen B. Bright of Yale Law School.

From the book’s description:

How four Supreme Court cases in recent years—all argued and won by one indomitable lawyer—are central to the pursuit of equal justice in America.

Tracing the remarkable career of renowned lawyer Stephen Bright, Robert L. Tsai explores the legal ideas that were central to the pursuit of equal justice in the early decades of mass incarceration. For nearly forty years, Bright led the Southern Center for Human Rights, a nonprofit that provided legal aid to people under death sentences. He argued four capital cases before the US Supreme Court—and won each one. With each victory, he brought to light how the law itself had become corrupted by the country’s thirst for severe punishment, exposing prosecutorial misconduct, continuing racial inequality, and the shameful quality of legal representation for the poor. Organized around these four major Supreme Court cases, Demand the Impossible is an inspiring work of legal scholarship that reveals how seemingly small victories can go on to have outsized effects, and the incredible advancements one exceptional lawyer made for equal rights.

Demand the Impossible will be released in March 2024.

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