Daily Business Review Profiles José Astigarraga

ALI Council Member José I. Astigarraga of Astigarraga Davis was recently featured in the Daily Business Review. The article, “From Bailiff to Banking Law to Arbitration,” details his journey from Cuba to founding partner and prominent international practice attorney.

From the article:

“When José Astigarraga's father, a tobacco company office employee, decided to take action and have his family flee Cuba, they weren't wealthy or political like many in the first waves of emigrants. Others in their strata were prepared to see how the revolution played out.

"Very early on my father said, 'We must leave,'" said Astigarraga, who was 7 when he arrived in South Florida in 1960, already marveling at his father's foresight. Throughout his life, the cofounder of the Miami law firm Astigarraga Davis has contemplated how different his life would be had the family stayed in Cuba.”

He currently serves as an Adviser on the Restatement of the Law, The U.S. Law of International Commercial Arbitration.

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