John G. Levi on LSC Disaster Task Force

John G. Levi on LSC Disaster Task Force

John G. Levi, chairman of the board of directors of the Legal Services Corp. (LSC) and partner at Sidley Austin, recently co-authored an article with Robert Malionek of Latham & Watkins for Law360 entitled “Civil Legal Aid’s Essential Role in Wildfire Response.”  The article details the devastating effects of the California wildfires and the resulting disaster task force created by the LSC, which takes a comprehensive approach to preparing for disasters and provides aid to low income survivors in their recovery.

The task force will establish best practices by drawing on the expertise of first responders and others who work on the ground in the immediate aftermath of a disaster.  Gathering insight from regions across the United States, the task force will share knowledge from community to community. By existing in partnership with these communities as well as with legal aid providers, it is “developing a systematic approach to preparing for and responding to the legal needs of low-income Americans who have experienced a disaster.”

Read the full article here.

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