Lawdragon Highlights Ward Farnsworth

Lawdragon Highlights Ward Farnsworth

Lawdragon interviewed Texas Law Dean Ward Farnsworth in a lively conversation about his publications, deanship, and the resulting impact of his passion, dedication and good nature on the school’s success.

Lawdragon interviewer Katrina Dewey spoke to Dean Farnsworth about living and working in Austin, law school economics, teaching methods, and more.

When asked about the high morale on campus at Texas Law, Dean Farnsworth replied,

“… We don’t think high morale happens by accident, so we make a priority of it. We try to put more energy than most schools do into relationships – between students and students, students and faculty, students and alumni. All of our students get a student mentor. All of them get an alumni mentor. All of them get a faculty advisor. We put them into societies that do fun things and pro bono projects together. We tell them from the time they get here that good relationships will probably be the story of their careers and their happiness, and try to help make them happen. Being in Austin helps, too.”

Read the full interview here.

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