María Meléndez Produces Hispanic Heritage Month Video Collection

María Meléndez Produces Hispanic Heritage Month Video Collection

María D. Meléndez of Sidley Austin recently produced a video series, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, highlighting prominent Hispanic lawyers and promoting diversity in the legal profession.   

“Sidley is thrilled to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 2020 with the launch of a video series exploring the theme, ‘Honoring the Legacy and Embracing the Future,’” said Ms. Meléndez. “The series introduces the audience to prominent general counsels and senior business leaders from across industries and Sidley lawyers of Hispanic descent. As they share their proud and heartwarming personal and professional journeys, be inspired by their stories of joy, resilience, perseverance, resourcefulness, and grit. We hope you enjoy the videos and learning more about the rich, vibrant, and talented Hispanic community.”   

The video series offers a look into the personal and professional lives of Sidley’s lawyers and clients of Hispanic and Latino descent. The collection begins with a Roundtable, where participants discussed the key experiences that helped shape their successful careers and the importance of their voices at the C-Suite table. The speakers also shared their views on the current state of diversity and inclusion in corporate America and their enthusiasm for the future generation of Latino leaders in the United States.

The series also includes the following video discussions:

Tell Us about Yourself. Get to know our clients: where they grew up, their family traditions, what it means to them to be of Latino descent, and much more.

What Does Your Role Mean To You? Hear from our clients on their senior executive roles — from the business perspective, to the people they lead, and to the importance of opening doors for the next generation.

Has Anyone Played a Role in Opening Doors for You? Sidley clients discuss who was instrumental in furthering their careers and the importance of mentors, coaches and sponsors.

What Makes You Smile When You Think About Your Heritage? Salsa dancing, reggaetón, great food, and lots of family — what’s not to love?

How Has Being a Lawyer Affected Your Family? Becoming a lawyer and reaching the highest echelons of the profession is a prideful milestone and joyous achievement celebrated by all in the family.

The videos are available here

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