Nicole Saharsky Discusses 2019 SCOTUS Term on Legal Speak Podcast

Nicole A. Saharsky of Mayer Brown was interviewed on an episode of Legal Speak, a podcast powered by, about her predictions on what is likely to be a tumultuous U.S. Supreme Court term. Ms. Saharsky shared her thoughts about the big cases before the Court, justices to watch, and her opinion on the new guideline which gives advocates two minutes to open their argument without interruption.

Ms. Saharsky previously served for ten years as Assistant to the Solicitor General in the United States Department of Justice. She has argued more cases in the U.S. Supreme Court than any other woman over the last decade.

Ms. Saharsky was also featured on an episode of ALI’s podcast Reasonably Speaking“May It Please the Court: SCOTUS Perspectives from Leading Supreme Court Advocates” – in which she, along with Seth P. Waxman of Wilmerhale, sat down in conversation with Douglas Laycock of UVA Law and Texas Law to share their personal experiences and unique insights into what it’s like to argue before the nation’s highest court.

Listen to the full episode here.

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