Unexampled Courage

Unexampled Courage

Richard M. Gergel of the U.S. District Court  for the District of South Carolina has published a new book, Unexampled Courage: The Blinding of Sgt. Isaac Woodard and the Awakening of President Harry S. Truman and Judge J. Waties Waring. This prolific work tells the inspirational account of Sergeant Isaac Woodard, a returning, decorated African American veteran who was forcibly removed from a Greyhound bus in Batesburg, South Carolina, and beaten and blinded while in custody.

Judge Gergel’s Unexampled Courage details the impact of the blinding of Sergeant Woodard on the racial awakening of President Truman and Judge J. Waties Waring, and traces their influential roles in changing the course of America’s civil rights history.

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