Virtual Courts and Litigant Empathy

Virtual Courts and Litigant Empathy

Susan A. Bandes of DePaul University College of Law was interviewed by Law360 on her new article discussing the virtual adaptations courthouses and legal bodies have had to make as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and what potential side effects these changes may have had on litigants.

Bandes details how preconceived notions of virtual proceedings and the impact they have on empathy originated from several studies conducted prior to the pandemic.

"There's kind of a conventional wisdom circulating about empathy where people had just been assuming that remote proceedings have a negative effect on it," Bandes said. "We thought this was a great chance to really drill down and find out what exactly we do and don't know about empathy and remote proceedings."

Bandes’ article (with co-author Neal Feigenson of Quinnipiac University - School of Law)“Empathy and Remote Legal Proceedings” is available on SSRN and forthcoming in the Southwestern Law Review.

Read the full Law360 article (subscription may be required).

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