“Vox Clamatis In Deserto” by George Liebmann

“Vox Clamatis In Deserto” by George Liebmann

George W. Liebmann of Liebmann & Shively, P.A. has published Vox Clamatis In Deserto: An Iconoclast Looks At Four Failed Administrations. This collection of 110 articles and book reviews offers a look at the last four presidential administrations.  

From the book’s description

This is a collection of 110 short ‘op-ed’ articles written over a 25-year period encompassing the unfortunate Clinton, Bush Jr., Obama and Trump administrations; included are a few longer pieces on welfare, reapportionment, Palestine, and civil rights ‘consent decrees.’ This collection is followed by book reviews of works by Gary Hart, Sarah Binder, Jack Balkin, Hillary Clinton, Gabriel Schoenfeld, Victor Klemperer, Lee Congdon, David Bernstein, Donald Rumsfeld, Susan Hertog, Frederik Logevall, Jonathan Fenby, Frank Costigliola, John Paton Davies, Constance Jordan, H. L. Mencken, Richard Evans, David O’Brien, and Jill Lepore and three longer essays on the original design of the United Nations, the Kennedy administration, and the after-effects of Naziism. 

The collection expresses the views of a self- described iconoclast. To the extent that it has a unifying theme, it is found in Judge Learned Hand’s eulogy of Justice Brandeis in 1943: “the herd is regaining its ancient and evil primacy; civilization is being reversed, for it has consisted of exactly the opposite process of individualization.” 

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