ALI Staff

Director — Richard L. Revesz
Deputy Director — Stephanie Middleton
Associate Deputy Director — Deanne Dissinger
Executive Office Coordinator — Judith M. Cole
Copyright & Licensing Manager — Nina Amster
ALI Law Fellow — Sean Kellem 
Administrative Assistant — Kathryn Grazionale

Chief Financial Officer — Julie Scribner
Controller — Sarah Kuhn 

Chief Communications and Marketing Officer — Jennifer L. Morinigo
Digital Marketing Manager — Mary B. Huggins
Graphics and Multimedia Designer — Kathleen Morton
Communications Manager — Pauline Toboulidis
Communications and Marketing Specialist — Lauren Klosinski
Digital Marketing Coordinator — Kristin Evans

Human Resources Director — Diane Schnitzer

Senior Meeting Planner — Stephanie (Zuba) Marella
Meeting Planner — Allison Leyh

Membership Director — Beth McGettigan Goldstein
Membership Manager — Jane E. Giacinto
Development Manager — Kyle Jakob
Development Communications Specialist — Amanda Bintz
Membership Communications Specialist  Heidi Jensen
Membership Coordinator — Meryl Simon

Publications Director — Deanne Dissinger
Editorial Director — Marianne M. Walker
Senior Editor — Todd David Feldman
Editor & Publications Manager — Karen Van Gorder
Editor — Jennifer Coleson
Coordinating Editor, Case Citations — Megan Dingley
Editor, Case Citations — Andrea Kang Wooster
Editor, Case Citations — Amy Strachan
Publications Assistant — Nancy Shearer
Publications Paralegal — LaToya Lassiter

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