Joint Committees

Permanent Editorial Board for the Uniform Commercial Code (PEB)

The PEB, a joint committee of ALI and the Uniform Law Commission, discourages non-uniform amendments or additions to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) by the states, assists in attaining and maintaining uniformity in state statutes governing commercial transactions, and monitors the law of commercial transactions for needed modernization or other improvement.

PEB Members
Agreement Regarding PEB

Recent PEB Commentaries and Reports

PEB Commentary: Consignments (January 2019)
PEB Commentary: Hague Securities Convention (April 2017)
PEB Commentary: Highland Capital Case (July 2014)
Revised UCC Section 4A-108 (February 2013)
PEB Commentary: Limited Liability Partnerships under the Choice of Law Rules of Article 9 (June 2012)
PEB Report on Application of the UCC to Selected Issues Relating to Mortgage Notes (November 2011)
PEB Commentary-Sections 4A-502(d) and 4A-503 (July 2009)