Chicago Law School Profiles Lee Rosenthal

Chicago Law School Profiles Lee Rosenthal

The University of Chicago Law School published a feature article on Chief Judge Lee H. Rosenthal, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas.

The piece, entitled “Lee Hyman Rosenthal, ’77: A Lifetime Committed to the Law on and beyond the Bench,” focuses on Judge Rosenthal’s contributions to the content of American jurisprudence.

When asked about her influence in shaping many different areas of the law, Judge Rosenthal said,

“I can’t think of a more fulfilling position than being a district court judge,” she said. “You get all the issues you might see at an appellate court, plus all the everyday interactions with the parties and the attorneys. It could be a voting-rights case or some other constitutional challenge, or a criminal trial or a slip-and-fall at Walmart—the variety is great and the outcomes are consequential. What I do every day matters, and there’s no greater everyday motivation and satisfaction, for me at least, than that.”

Read the full piece here.

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