Christiane Wendehorst Joins Data Governance Working Group

Christiane Wendehorst Joins Data Governance Working Group

Christiane C. Wendehorst of the University of Vienna and president of the European Law Institute has joined the new Global Partnership on AI (GPAI), an alliance between various countries who have nominated experts and organizations with a mission to support and guide the responsible adoption of Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Wendehorst will be leading a project to develop an agreed data governance framework for the Data Governance Working Group (Working Group).  

A subset of the GPAI, the Working Group itself consists of 30 experts from 17 countries with experience in technical, legal, and institutional aspects of data governance. True to the overall ambition of the GPAI, they combine cross-sectoral insights from the scientific community, industry, civil society, and international organizations.   

The aim of the Working Group is to “collate evidence, shape research, undertake applied AI projects and provide expertise on data governance, to promote data for AI being collected, used, shared, archived and deleted in ways that are consistent with human rights, inclusion, diversity, innovation, economic growth, and societal benefit, while seeking to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals.”    

Learn more about the project here.  

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