In Memoriam: Michael Coper

Michael Coper, Professor Emeritus of Australian National University (“ANU”) College of Law passed away on April 13.

Appointed in 1998, Professor Coper served as dean of ANU College of Law, and as Robert Garran Professor of Law, until the end of 2012. He is ANU College of Law’s longest-serving dean. In 2017, he was appointed Professor Emeritus of ANU. His deanship was characterized by significant growth in ANU’s educational and outreach programs, its scholarly output, community engagement, and in its human and financial resources.

"Michael was the very model of a Law School Dean; an indefatigable presence who cared enormously for staff and students and for the Rule of Law," said current ANU College of Law Dean Professor Sally Wheeler.

A member of ALI since 1999, Professor Coper held visiting positions in the United States, was Chair of the Council of Australian Law Deans (CALD) from 2005-2007, and has been Vice President of the International Association of Law Schools (IALS) since 2011.

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