In Memoriam: William Saxton

William "Bill" M. Saxton, former Butzel Long Chairman and CEO, passed away on April 15. He was 92.

A member of ALI for 20 years, Mr. Saxton's career spanned more than six decades. Most recently, he was Counsel and a Director Emeritus of Butzel Long. He lectured at the University of Michigan Law School and other institutions, including Wayne State. He is widely recognized for taking on the 1974 Detroit cross-district school busing case, Milliken v. Bradley, winning before the U.S. Supreme Court. 

“Bill was a chief architect of the modern-day Butzel Long, yet had deep respect for our long and storied history,” said Justin G. Klimko, President and CEO, Butzel Long. “He had countless career achievements and was a leader, visionary, mentor and gifted writer. He was lauded among his peers and well respected by members of the judiciary. Despite his impressive achievements, he especially enjoyed mentoring young attorneys, who appreciated the opportunity to learn from a truly great attorney.”

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