Stanford Law School Partnership With Superior Court of Los Angeles County

Stanford Law School’s Deborah L. Rhode Center on the Legal Profession and Legal Design Lab has launched a partnership with the Superior Court of Los Angeles County to find and identify innovative ways to expand and improve access to justice.

The Deborah L. Rhode Center is codirected by Nora Freeman Engstrom and David Freeman Engstrom of Stanford Law School. The collaboration will focus on case types with high percentages of self-represented litigants, such as eviction, child support, and debt collection. The goal of the partnership will be to empower users of the court to more easily navigate legal proceedings.

“All around the country, courts are recognizing that existing processes prevent litigants – whether represented or not – from accessing the justice system effectively,” said David Engstrom in the announcement. “The Superior Court of Los Angeles County is leading the way by systematically taking the steps necessary to break down those barriers.”

Read the full announcement on the partnership here.

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