Celebrate National Read a Book Day

Celebrate National Read a Book Day

In honor of National Read a Book Day check out some of the fantastic books authored by ALI members:

Politics and Capital: Auctioning the American Dream by John Attanasio
“A profound synthesis of theory and practice, Politics and Capital is crucial to understanding the ominous political and economic problems besetting twenty-first century America.”

The Practicing Stoic: A Philosophical User’s Manual by Ward Farnsworth
The Practicing Stoic provides insight, inspiration, and direction by combining ancient wisdom with modern context. That, supplemented with Dean Farnsworth’s own insightful commentary, makes the complex wisdom of these ancient philosophers accessible to everyone.

Unwarranted: Policing Without Permission by Barry Friedman
“At a time when policing in America is at a crossroads, Barry Friedman provides much-needed insight, analysis, and direction in his thoughtful new book. Unwarranted illuminates many of the often ignored issues surrounding how we police in America and highlights why reform is so urgently needed. This revealing book comes at a critically important time and has much to offer all who care about fair treatment and public safety.”
— Bryan Stevenson, founder and Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative and author of Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption

The Right of Publicity: Privacy Reimagined for a Public World by Jennifer E. Rothman
“In an age of drones flying over our backyards recording images, people live streaming from smartphones what they are doing and where they are, online businesses collecting and selling our data, and widespread sharing of our photos, experiences, and thoughts online, there is little that remains unspoken, secret, or truly private. This has led some to conclude that privacy is dead. But privacy lives on—in part through the “right of publicity.”

51 Imperfect Solutions: States and the Making of American Constitutional Law by Jeffrey Sutton
In his new book, 51 Imperfect Solutions, Judge Sutton argues that American Constitutional Law should account for the role of the state courts and state constitutions, together with the federal courts and the federal constitution, in protecting individual liberties.

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